Become a model

The way to become a model

Again and again I am asked how to become a model.

The answer to this is as varied as the type of models, because “Excuse me – it’s 2023!”

TV shows like “. next Topmodel” flicker into living rooms, people become fame on social media, influencers shoot up like mushrooms.
When was the last time you watched an advertisement on TV? 99% of them featured models. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an ad for detergent or a super-absorbent new diaper. The job as a model is extremely diverse – and the requirements for it are just as varied.

In short: Anyone and EVERYONE can become a model, so the question now is “only” how to become one.

You are already a model if you make your face or your hand available for a product or a brand. If you have beautiful hands, then a job as a hand model for a jewelry store (e.g. for bracelets or watches) might be the right thing for you. If you have great hair, then a hair shampoo manufacturer or a hairdressing chain might be interested in you as a model.

It’s actually quite simple: Apply to an agency, a brand or a photographer. Agencies keep a so-called model file – a directory of all models who are under contract with them – and refer them to clients for shows, advertising and much more. They get you jobs and charge you a commission, i.e. part of your fee. Especially for newcomers, i.e. models who have no experience yet, the orders are often unpaid. First and foremost, it’s about gaining experience and having picture/video material that you or the agency can then show to potential clients. As a newcomer, you are unlikely to get a top-paying job without sufficient experience and references.

Productions for an advertisement, a magazine cover or the like cost a lot of money. On set (the place where the shots are taken) there are numerous people who take care of the perfect results. At least one photographer, stylists, designers/assistants, editors and many more – depending on the job. All these people are paid for the work, so everything has to be as quick and straightforward as possible. That’s why for bigger projects we only book a model who is already a professional (of course there are always exceptions).