TFP Shooting

Photo shoots to start as a model or to expand your portfolio

What is a TFP Shooting

TFP stands for “time for pictures”. This means that in return for the time spent on the photo shoot, the model and photographer receive high-quality pictures – without any payment being made. This type of collaboration must bring added value to both the model and the photographer. It is agreed beforehand what kind of pictures will be taken, which outfits will be brought/organized and at which location the photo shoot will take place. The made pictures are published afterwards by the model and the photographer (usually with marking/naming of the model/photographer).
The images from TFP shoots can be used by the model for application to agencies, publication in social media, creation of setcards, etc., by the photographer to expand the portfolio, website, social media, photo contests, etc..

Who can do a TFP shoot

Basically anyone who wants to expand his portfolio and can offer me added value as a photographer.
The TFP Shooting must in any case have a benefit for ALL involved. Both for you as a model, as well as for me as a photographer and possibly other involved parties such as stylists. It is therefore imperative that all details of the shooting are discussed in detail in advance.

Suitable for a TFP Shooting you are as a model, if you:

  • want to gain experience as a model
  • want to build up/expand your setcard
  • want to register with (model/influencer) agencies
  • are interested in a cooperation for photo shoots
  • are punctual and reliable
  • are open for ideas/project suggestions
  • are at least 18 years old (or have the consent of your legal guardian(s))

Examples of a TFP Shooting

– Your special look
– Your special hobby (e.g. sport) that makes unique, great pictures possible
– You offer a type of photos that I don’t currently publish or don’t often publish
– You have a great reach on social media and publish pictures/videos of our collaboration
– You offer a special location, a special pet, etc. that attracts public attention

This is how the photo shoot works

Before the photo shoot (at the latest on the day of the shoot) we sit down together and discuss the exact procedure (common goals, wishes, outfits, breaks, etc.).
The pictures taken will be shown to you as a model regularly on the camera, so you get an impression of how you look in the pictures. I will give you tips and advice on what works particularly well or can be improved if necessary.

We will take around 50-60 pictures per outfit, from which we will choose the best ones. The decision which pictures you particularly like and want to use you make in peace at home in the following days. I will edit these pictures for you and send them to you afterwards.
We both meet for a photo shoot and take our time for it, so we try to be as productive as possible and will create as many images as possible. Ideally there will be about 6-10 different looks per shoot. Appropriate outfits you should therefore bring with you, some clothes are also available in the studio.

Between the different outfits / looks there is always the possibility for short breaks. Soft drinks and small snacks / sweets are always available during shoots in the studio.

After the shoot, we sit down again briefly and discuss the further procedure.

TFP Shootings - added value for model, photographer & styling

The free cooperation between photographers, models & stylists

You need to know

A photo shoot is a job not to be underestimated – both for you as a model and for me as a photographer. It requires preparation, time and creativity and for you as a model it means preparation in the selection of clothing, make-up / styling, if necessary, as well as learning poses with which you look advantageous. Of course you will get help and suggestions.

You should be relaxed and well rested on the day of the photo shoot. Long party nights before are definitely NOT in it (dark circles, half-closed eyes, posture, etc.) and are a reason for cancellation and immediate termination of the cooperation.

How long does the photo shoot last

A TFP shooting in the studio usually takes about 3 hours incl. preliminary meeting, changing etc..
Outdoor shootings may take longer to find suitable places for the pictures.

Where will the photo shoot take place

The location for the photo shoot is agreed individually in advance.
Depending on the type of pictures / outfits, a different location is appropriate. For outdoor shoots, the implementation or location of the shoot depends on the weather and may be postponed at short notice or moved to another location (eg studio). Details will be discussed personally before the photo shoot.

What is the minimum age

There are basically no age restrictions for photo shoots.
From babies for diaper commercials to seniors for third teeth, there are options for almost every type. If you are not yet 18 years old, then permission and accompaniment by a guardian (parent) is required for each photo shoot.

How much does a TFP shoot cost

TFP Shootings are free of charge, but subject to clear conditions!
It is a collaboration between model and photographer, which both pay with the time spent and possibly the journey to the shooting. Reliability and open, honest communication is especially important. The resulting images must bring something to all participants and then be published.

This is a free cooperation. Details will be regulated with a written contract.

If you only want pictures for yourself, your partner or for the family album, then TFP is not the right thing for you. Consider beforehand if you want your pictures to be published and if you are willing to publish the photos you have chosen as well. In the case of a subsequent “non-publication” you would be charged for the resulting effort for the photo shoot and the image editing.

Can I take a companion with me

Yes – definitely! Up to 2 accompanying persons are allowed in the photo studio, unfortunately not more. We need the available space for great pictures, not for the spectators.
The accompanying person/s should support you, not distract you and neither influence nor disturb the photo shooting.
Consider beforehand which person(s) can be helpful for you or who might be more of a nuisance. A good and honest friend who can help e.g. regarding outfit/styling is usually much more helpful than a jealous partner.

Will the photos be published during a TFP shoot

YES. The publication of the photos is the goal of a TFP Shooting. You as a model should use and publish the pictures, as well as me.
In short, it is mutual advertising. I make advertising for you as a model, you make advertising for me as a photographer.

Open and honest communication for mutual success

Trust, collusion, advertising

What photos are published

As a model, you have the right to your own image. This means that NO photo of you may be published without your consent.

As a photographer, I have the copyright to the photos. Without my consent, you may also publish NO photo.

The goal of a TFP shooting are of course pictures that will be published.
Before the shooting is therefore discussed in detail, what kind of pictures will be made or which, where and in what form they will be published. In the contract, these agreements are recorded in writing.

How do you get the photos

All unedited images of the photo shoot will be made available to you via a cloud server (online storage space) for a certain time.
The edited images selected by you will also be made available to you on the cloud, via email or messenger (e.g. WhatsApp), depending on your wishes. The number of photos that are edited and published is regulated in the contract.

When will you get the photos

Always as soon as possible. I will usually provide you with the images for selection within 48 hours after the photo shoot. The processing of the images takes a little longer. Depending on the number of images and workload with other orders, this usually takes 7-10 working days.